The questions on this page are based off the support requests we receive through email,, GitHub and of course here on this site. We will do our best to include the most commonly asked questions, and to anticipate what issues may fit best here.

General Questions

You can disable the plugin copy of Bootstrap from the Settings page on the dashboard.

Navigate to your WordPress administration dashboard. Select Directory Settings, and then navigate to the Appearance tab. You will see an option to disable bootstrap near the top. Check the box labeled “Disable”, and save your settings.

The directory plugin uses a handful of templates to handle presentation.

Some of these will always look okay right out of the box, because they are displayed from inside of your themes own templates. Others have to override the theme template for various reasons, and may need to be customized in order to fit the look and feel of your site.

All of the directory templates can be found in /ldd-directory-lite/templates

If you edit these files directly, your changes will be overwritten during the next plugin update. To avoid this, you can copy the necessary files to /your-theme-directory/lddlite_templates before making any changes to them. The lddlite_templates directory can be located within either the parent or child theme directory.

Where possible, we have marked the HTML and code that is critical to each template. Edit this only if you know what you are doing, or the plugin may not work properly. The rest can be updated to match the theme you are using.

Please Note
Some themes, especially those found on marketplaces like Themeforest, arbitrarily break from WordPress template hierarchy in order to define their own custom template structure or system. This can make integration more difficult and may require additional customization to properly display the plugin templates. Please ask in our forums if you need help customizing these themes.