The Featured Listings settings allow you to display listings on your directory home page. From this tab you can control whether or not to display featured listings, how many, and in what order.

  • Enable Featured Listings

    If checked, all listings tagged by the administrator as “featured” will appear on the homepage of the directory beneath the categories list.t

  • Listings Limit

    Set the number of featured listings to display on the directory home page.

  • Default Sort Order

    The drop-down allows you to select how to order the featured listings on the directory home page:

    • Business Name
    • Zip Code
    • Area
    • Category
    • Random

    You can chose whether to display featured listings in Ascending (ASC) or Descending (DESC) order.

    NOTE:¬† You may also override these default settings via the shortcode¬†[directory fl_order_by=”xxx” fl_order=”asc”]