As with all WordPress plugins, there are two distinct methods for installing the directory on your web site. The most common and often the easiest is to install directly from your dashboard, also known as the admin area, using the built in Plugins management screen.

In some cases, you may choose to install via FTP or through your hosts control panel/file manager. If you encounter any problems installing manually, we recommend contacting your host first as they will be more familiar with how their accounts are structured and will most likely be able to help you much quicker. If you are still having trouble after contacting them or reading the information on this page, you can also jump in and ask in our community support forum.

Installation from the WordPress Dashboard

installation-install-now We highly recommend this method of installation, unless you have a specific need for manual installation.

  1. From your plugins menu, select Add New.
  2. Type ldd directory lite into the search field and press enter.
  3. Click the Install Now link underneath where it says ldd directory lite in the search results.
  4. Select Activate Plugin after you see the Successfully installed the plugin LDD Directory Lite message appear on your screen.

Manual Installation

If you prefer to install manually, there is an excellent guide available on the WordPress codex.

Upgrading from LDD Business Directory

The ldd directory lite plugin is based on an older plugin called LDD Business Directory. While this original plugin was popular and worked well for a lot of people, it wasn’t very robust in its design and didn’t offer a strong enough platform to continue building on. In an effort to design a plugin that could be more effective for a larger group of people, and lay the groundwork for a lot of cool new features, ldd directory lite was born.

A primary focus during the development of the new plugin was ensuring that people who have been using LDD Business Directory didn’t have to start all over again with their directories. We designed an import process that should handle any amount of data and easily converts it to the new format.

To upgrade from LDD Business Directory and import your existing data, follow these steps:

  1. Install and activate the new ldd directory lite plugin using the instructions found above.
  2. Upon activation the new plugin will search for data from the old. When it finds it a notice will appear at the top of your dashboard giving you the option to import.
  3. Click the Import Data button, and you will be taken through the process.
  4. That’s all! It’s just that easy.

None of your original data is removed at this point. We will be introducing a tool later on to clean this up should you make the transition permanent. If however you decide that you want to return to using the older plugin, you can do so without losing any of your original information. Any information changed or added while using the new plugin will not be available.

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