Most of the settings found under the “Other” heading are set once and forget type features. From here you can enable or disable anonymous usage tracking (we recommend enabling it, this information helps us improve future versions of the plugin), determine whether your directory accepts public submissions and more.

  • Public Submissions

    This setting determines whether or not your site allows site visitors to submit and manage their own listings.

  • Show Image Place Holder

    This setting allows you to remove the default thumbnail image for listings if no image or logo is uploaded by the user.

  • Google API Key

    This is a required API Key in order to make use of the Google Maps JavaScript API. Without this setting you will not be able to display Google Maps in your directory listings.

  • Allow Tracking

    This turns on anonymous usage tracking for the plugin which helps us improve future versions of the plugin.

  • Google Maps

    Once you have set up your Google API Key you can set this to allow maps to be displayed for all listings with the correct address settings.