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The LDD Directory Reviews extension allows your site visitors to rate and comment on individual listings. The review system uses star ratings (1-5), and a site visitor can add a review title as well as comment text. Ratings are tracked and tallied in the listings category and single listing views and can be sorted and filtered by reviewer type, number of stars and searched by keyword.

The website administrator can choose to allow reviews, allow non-registered site users to leave reviews, and whether or not to show review tallies in the listings views.

NEW in v1.0:

We’ve greatly improved the process for importing your listings into your directory and added support for some key features to make managing your import much easier.

  1. Added support for email notifications for site owner and listings author.
  2. Added support for review approval process.
  3. Corrected issue with user login/registration for writing reviews.
  4. Made major improvements to the LDD Directory Reviews admin settings and managing reviews as well as fixed some other bugs.


How the LDD Directory Reviews add-on works

Once you activate the add-on an enter your activation key a new link will appear in your Dashboard under “Directory.”

General Settings for LDD Directory Reviews Add-on


Setting up General Settings

From here you will be able to set up the General Settings for the LDD Directory Reviews add-on.

  • Allow Review – allows you to turn on or off public submissions of reviews. Any reviews currently published will remain visible but users will be unable to edit or post new reviews.
  • Email Site Admin – allows the site owner to receive email notification every time a new review is posted.
  • Email Listing Owner – If you allow public submissions of directory listings, this setting will notify the listing owner whenever a new review is posted.
  • Review Approval – allows you to only display reviews that have been manually approved by the site owner.
  • Review Authenticated – allows you to restrict public review posts to users who have registered and logged in.
  • Show Reviews Counter – displays the number of reviews in the category view of the LDD Directory Lite plugin.

Setting up Email Notifications

If you choose to receive email notifications when a new review is submitted, you must set up the Email Settings for the add-on.

LDD Directory Reviews email notifications


From this tab, you can set up your email templates and verbiage to be sent to the site owner, listings owner, and user submitting the review.

  • Email Header Settings – Here is where you would set up the From Name, Email and reply to addresses.
  • Admin Notifications – There are three notification settings, one for the site admin, one for the listing owner and one for the review author.
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